Premium Sky Solutions for Hospitality

sky for hotel televisions, sky in hotel bedrooms

When a guest watches TV in their hotel room, the minimum they would expect is to have a good selection of Channels. They shouldn’t be walking into a Hotel room wishing they were still at home watching their own TV. Therefore, you need to be offering a comprehensive channel list full of the best entertainment, sports and movie channels. In fact, nearly three-quarters of guests say that having Sky TV in their room is important to their stay. This used to be quite a costly ordeal, but times are changing…

Premium Channels

As you may already know, TV channels are essential to any hotel. They are key to providing guests with the best experience and gives them that vital home away from home feel. However, channels like Sky Sports are not just for the F&B areas of your Hotel. There are many benefits when you implement these channels into the Hotel rooms. Yes, the hotel may gain additional revenue from selling the extra few drinks when a big Football game is on, but did you know that 69% of business guests say that they would pay extra for a hotel room offering Sky channels? In fact, guests spend an extra £5.50 on room service when watching Sky in-room.

 In addition, you don’t have to let all of your guest’s access these channels as part of the hotel package. Hotel TV Company can withhold these premium channels and bill your guests to access them. This means that by having Sky in public areas and in-room, there is a lot of money to be made.

You may be thinking that this will all start to get quite costly, but it does not have to be that way.

Sky Select and Bright Box

Previously, if you wanted to have sky channels in every room, you would need a sky box per room. The other alternative was Sky SMATV, using a Sky Box per channel in the comms room. Both solutions were costly and included for a lot of hardware. This is why Sky Business has come up with a unique solution called the Sky Bright Box. This Sky Bright Box eliminates the need for multiple Sky boxes and provides an innovative, scalable, purpose built solution in its place. Hoteliers can choose from over 90 channels, including access to Sky, Freeview and foreign language channels with 7 Sky HD channels as standard. This is truly the perfect solution for hotels looking to impress their guests with a premium list of channels.

sky select and bright box for hotels installation by hotel tv company

Did you know that Hotel TV Company are the first AV specialists to install a Sky Bright Box in the Republic of Ireland?

We installed the Sky solution in Hogs Head Golf Club, an exclusive private golf club that has a £100k membership fee and £5,000 per night stay, along with new Samsung Smart TVs and our Enterprise TV System Package.

The Sky Select and Bright Box allows the team at Hogs Head to choose the Sky Channels they want combined with their local Saorview aerial. These are then being pushed to every room from the Sky Bright Box in the comms room. This solution perfectly fits with the club’s requirements to give guests an array of premium channels available at their fingertips.

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