Hospitality TVs to Suit All Requirements

TV screen size is as much a status symbol as a glossy car is in the driveway. Therefore, in-room hospitality TVs are critical to guests’ firsts impressions. Many hotels take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. In other words, they can easily over invest in screens too large for their economy rooms and too small for their premium suites. For this reason, we make sure that your choice of hospitality TVs is ideal for the optimum guest experience. In addition, we work alongside your hotel’s requirements and budget. Whether it be a high-end brand of TVs or an entry level brand – our TV solutions ensure that you always provide guests with a superb experience at your establishment.

Samsung Hospitality TV’s are designed to enhance the value of your business.

We bring you innovative and tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Guests can experience the relaxation and the comforts of home with stylish TV’s.

Entry level brand providing outstanding value and quality TVs.

Bathroom TVs, specifically designed for use in wet and humid environments.

Hospitality TV Features & Benefits


Make sure patients don’t put the volume too high and disturb others by restricting the maximum volume of the TV


Ensure that guests cannot adjust or delete channels & healthcare settings off the TV


Hospitality TVs are compatible with a range of TV Systems allowing you to display hotel information and up-sell a range of services


Commercial TVs are specially designed to clear cache and delete any guest information at set intervals, to ensure data protection compliance.