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SCRIPTV - TV Channels for your Hotel

A full range of quality hotel channels provides guests with a top level of hospitality. Whether you simply want Freeview channels or you want to impress your international guests with a range of foreign language channels, our team is here to help. You can choose from a range of Freeview, Satellite and Subscription-based channels and packages to fit your hotel environment.

Furthermore, our dedicated engineers are certified installers and integrators of Sky and BT, making sure your hotel’s channel distribution and viewing choice is up to your standards.

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Get all Freeview/Freesat channels available to your area! Our dedicated engineers can determine any signalling issues and eliminate channel disruption.

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Foreign Language

Ensure that your international guests can enjoy a range of foreign TV channels available to your area without any noise and disturbance.

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Sky Subscription

Sky In-Room and Sky Select are ideal for a hotel looking to impress guests and increase bookings, top reviews and revenue.

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BT Sport

Offer patients to watch the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the Emirates FA Cup and more, for only £3 per room per month!

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The average hotel has to broadcast television signals to a large number of screens, which can create signal problems. This, in turn, can cause guest disturbance, complaints, and a damaged reputation. Our dedicated engineers can carry out a site survey to assess the customer needs and determine any signalling issues that need to be eliminated to reduce channel disruption and tune available channels.

​A lot of hoteliers are also missing free channels which are available the them. We can provide an updated channel list with brand new popular standard and HD channels.

What we can do...
Do you have a lot of international guests? Why not advertise that your hotel offers a large range of foreign language channels, so wherever they visit from, they can feel at home in their hotel room? Make your international guests feel at home with a range of foreign language channels.
To bring foreign language channels to your TVs to combine with your Freeview distribution, we use DVB-S/S2/S2x/T/T2/C to DVB-T/T2 converters. Depending on your requirements these may vary in size and technical specifications.
What we can do...
12 different foreign nation flags
Sky logo

Offer Sky channels in more than just the bar area and lounge. Sky In-Room and Sky Select are ideal for a hotel looking to impress guests and increase bookings, top reviews and revenue.

Our engineers at Hotel TV Company are certified Sky installers and we can ensure seamless experience for you and your guests, regardless of which package you choose. You can choose between Sky In-Room and Sky Select. Both solutions are easy to manage and easy to use.

BT Sports is now just as essential as Sky Sports. Offer guests to watch the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the Emirates FA Cup, plus live Gallagher Premiership Rugby Union, UFC, MotoGP™ and more, on their in-room TVs. 

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Offer exclusive access to adult entertainment for your guests on a pay per view basis.

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Please, feel free to contact us, whether it be for a site survey, or for a quote. We have more to offer than you may think we have. 

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