Internet & Wi-Fi

We provide fast, reliable internet solutions to ensure that your guests can access the service they require. Our team will conduct a site survey to understand the hotel layout and the infrastructure on-site. Then,we will design a system utilising wired and wireless technology to deliver the best possible solution. And if you only have coax throughout the building, we can help you establish an Ethernet network over existing cabling. Furthermore, through a process of heat mapping we can flag up any potential dead zones and ensure total coverage across the site. 

In addition there is now the opportunity to harness the Wi-Fi service to engage with guests. In fact, you can create incremental revenue through location tracking and the social media data attached to guest profiles.

Internet Lines

Providing the hotel with uncontended and scalable Internet connection for all your needs.


Distribute Internet over your existing coax network without re-cabling or re-decorating the hotel.


Get fast, reliable Wi-Fi connection and the ability to monitor your Wi-Fi remotely from any location.

Unified Access Gateway

Split your Wi-Fi stream into free lower speed Wi-Fi and premium high speed Wi-F that guests can purchase.

Wi-Fi Platform

Get advanced customer tracking and use key data to send targeted marketing promotions.