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Screen Mirroring for Meeting Rooms


Our SCRIPTCAST Pro Screen Mirroring solution offers a wide range of features, enabling your business guests to use their Apple, Android or Windows devices to share content within conference rooms – this can be anything from emails to presentations. Make sure your meetings are efficient clutter-free with our SCRIPTCAST Pro devices. Take a look at how our conference solution differs from our in-room solution.

Our Product Range

Choose between discreet, portable Pro dongles and our comprehensive one-click mirroring devices.

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Ideal for small and medium size office meetings.

Our ScriptCast Pro Soho II is an upgrade of the existing Pro Soho Dongle technology with new hardware and software support. The new 802.11ac 5G 2T2R Wi-Fi transceiver creates faster and more stable Wi-Fi performance. New ProCast app allows 1-to-many screen mirroring in real time for more classroom and conference room applications.

SCRIPTCAST Pro Enterprise

Perfect for use in large meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture theatres.

Bringing the most advanced wireless display features, the device has CVBS, HDMI and VGA ports and is normally located on a table with hard wired ethernet connection. ScriptCast Pro Enterperise is ideal for groups of over 10 attendees who may connect by 2.4GHz 802.11n, or 5GHz 802.11ac for best performance.


Designed for one-click wireless presenting of laptops and desktop computers

Our ScriptCast Pro Bundle Includes a ScriptCast Pro Enterprise device and four ScriptLauncher devices allowing you to share your laptop or desktop PC screen with just one click.

SCRIPTCAST Pro Quattropod

Ideal for one-click share of Apple & Android phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers

Our ScriptCast QuattroPod system is the most innovative solution for conference rooms, enhancing collaboration by sharing screens wirelessly! QuattroPod is cross platform and fully compatible with Windows/Mac/Chromebooks and iOS/Android mobile phones and tablets. It also supports 4K resolution for the best visual experience.


There is so much you can do to make meetings more efficient with SCRIPTCAST Pro…

Screen Mirroring split screen

Split Screen

Up to 4 different devices can be shown on the main screen simultaneously with the split screen display feature

screen mirroring for meeting rooms


Delegates can see the main screen on their own devices making this feature ideal for large conference halls and lecture theatres

Host Control

The Conference Control Feature allows the meeting Host to determine who can present to the main screen.


Connect to ScriptCast Pro devices by using Miracode/Screen Mirroring without having to download the app.

Cloud Storage

Access files stored in the cloud on Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox

Screen Mirroring launcher


The new USB Launcher allows for click and mirror. *Only compatible with the SCRIPTCAST Pro Enterprise & QuattroPod

Maximise potential & productivity...

Delegates can see the main screen on their devices with AirView

The new host of conference features and tools provided by SCRIPTCAST Pro, improve efficiency and communication by allowing colleagues to share content to the screen or view the main screen on their won device.

conference Screen Mirroring

Allow everyone to present wirelessly...

Up to 4 delegates can connect to the main screen simultaneously

Our SCRIPTCAST Pro is compatible with both AirPlay screen mirroring and Miracast without switching its configuration, ready for wireless screen mirroring from any smart device.

Screen mirror with ease...


All you need is a simple HDMI connection to your TV or Projector

Download the App

Scan the QR code or go to your app store to download the App

Connect your device

Connect to the Wi-Fi SSID & Password shown on the screen.

Present wirelessly

Make use of all the great SCRIPTCAST Pro features

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