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Value Range TVs

Offer guests superior viewing experience, whilst keeping costs to a minimum with our value range TVs. Choose from a range of smart and non-smart TVs from our entry level brand providing outstanding value and quality. These TVs can fit any budget and requirement, offering your guests great viewing experience and smart features. We work alongside your hotel’s requirements and budget, ensuring that you always provide guests with a superb stay.

non-smart value range tvs for hotels

Non-Smart TVs

Choose from a range of non-smart entry level LED TVs for your hotel rooms. Sizes available from 16″ to 85″, perfectly suited for every size room.

smart value range tvs for hotels

Smart TVs

Powered by Android, the TVs feature all of the most popular smart apps & Google Play for catch up TV, movies on demand, news and gaming…

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We have prepared a few useful articles that will help you make the right choice when you are considering updating your screens. Our team of experts is on hand to help with any questions and requirements you may have.

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