Why Cloud is the way forward?

With the use of better technology, significant growth has been observed in hospitality industry. Interestingly, the increased use of cloud solutions has been identified as a prime driver of this growth.

Cloud TV system helps hoteliers gain a deeper understanding of their operations and their customers, across locations. To meet and exceed customer expectations, cloud is the way forward.

Cloud is the way forward: 5 reasons why

Here is a look at some of the ways that cloud-based TV system is changing the way hoteliers run their businesses.

1. Connect and access systems from anywhere, at any time

Cloud TV system allows hoteliers to access relevant information and essential data from anywhere and at any time. Hotel employees can use a cloud-based system to access various hotel back-office systems while walking the hotel grounds with a tablet, or while sitting miles away with a smartphone.  This allows hoteliers to add new features to their existing systems at lower costs and without disruptions.

2. Transform guest experience

Personalization has been a hot topic for years, yet some hoteliers are still only grazing the surface. Over past few years, the shifts in guest behavior has made those efforts even more difficult, requiring hotels to rethink  their “customer experience”.

 The cloud is easily the way forward, it helps personalise the guest experience allowing

  • Welcome guests with a personal greeting

  • Digitalise your guest directory 

  • Showcase your hotel facilities

  • Allow guests to request services

  • Easy check-in check-out system ,
  • Sending personalised messages to the guests,
  • Wakeup Alarms,
  • Advertise Spa treatments & packages 

  • Promote events & offers

  • Display your restaurant menus

  • Allow guests to buy In-room services

Both speed of service and customer happiness are sure to increase. 

3. Scale What You Already Have

Cloud TV system can be your revenue generator.  Scale up your revenue by upselling your offers through the Hotel room TV itself.
A well-designed Hotel TV system offers compelling ROI – it’s as simple as that. 

4. Cloud system ; a Multi-tasker

Cloud management system is an all in all system and can help you excell in following:
  1. Customer management
  2. Reservation management
  3. Point of sale – Guests can buy services through your TV system
  4. Marketing tool – Upsell your services, offering late checkout , showing tempting food menu, offering upcoming events.

5. Slash IT costs

On-site hotel management software incurs considerable maintenance and running costs. However, the flexible pricing models offered by cloud help to slash IT costs substantially. Running the business on cloud means zero hardware costs, making it possible for even small-sized hotels to run an advanced management system.

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