Hotel TV as a Revenue Stream…

Entering a hotel room, knowing that an unforgettable stay is about to take place – that is our goal at Hotel TV Company.

Hotel TV to us is more than just a screen in the room. It’s a platform where we create something unique for your guests, that also upsell your services generating more revenue streams.

A well-designed Hotel TV system offers compelling ROI – it’s as simple as that.

Making It Easy…

One of our objectives at Hotel TV Company is to make technology as easy as possible. Our Hotel TV Systems are easy  to update and we make sure to give prompt support to all our clients regarding system design and update. Here’s a brief introduction on what our TV system can do for you! 

Revenue generation…

Of course, you can turn your Hotel room TV into a revenue generator by advertising your  services while you still have your target audience within your hotel location. 

Upsell your offers: Upsell upcoming events and offers by showcasing them onto the TV systems with eye catching images.

Local service advertising: Local services such as tour guides, restaurants and taxi firms will often pay for advertising space within busy hotel environments. This of course, can earn you more revenue via the Hotel TV system.

In-room purchasing: Offer your guests an opportunity to book hotel extras – such as relaxing spa experience, massage treatments, laser facial, the grand afternoon tea, all via the Hotel TV system.

Late check-out: Are your hotel rooms too comfortable? Appeal to your hungover/lazy guests by allowing them to pay extra for a late-check out via the Hotel TV system.

Video-on-Demand: Pay as you watch movies are still much in demand in the hotel rooms and offer an unspectacular, but steady and reliable income stream.

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