In-Room Entertainment

We offer a range of in-room entertainment options for guests to enjoy. Our entertainment options include in-room Screen sharing, Video on Demand and premium Sky & BT Sport packages, ideal to engage your guests.

For instance, we can help your guests wirelessly stream Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and more directly on the TV with our SCRIPTCAST In-Room screen sharing sets. Or you can generate more revenue with a Video on Demand solution. In addition, our dedicated engineers are certified installers and integrators of Sky and BT Sport, making sure your channel distribution and viewing choice is up to your standards.

Screen Sharing

Offer guests to cast Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and more on the TV with 3 easy steps...

Video on Demand

Enjoy the newest movies straight out of the cinema to view now or pre-order...

Premium TV Channels

Offer Sky & BT Sport channels in more than just the bar area and lounge...

TV show playing on four different devices

Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and more with in-room screen sharing...

SCRIPTCAST Sets are discretely placed on the back of the TV and support Apple, Android and Windows devices.

SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing can be added to your TV system to allow guests to cast apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, or mirror their device to the TV by following 4 easy steps.

Offer the latest films with Video on Demand...

Add a SCRIPTVOD package to your TV System and let guests access the latest films, Hollywood premiers and genre classics in the comfort of their room.

SCRIPTVOD Video on Demand is an interactive service, specially designed for use in a commercial environment. You can choose between a Pay As You Go and a Monthly Subscription packages to best fit your budget and requirements.

Video on demand service on Samsung TV
Dr Strange

Premium TV content from Sky & BT Sport...

Why not promote Sky, BT Sport and other Subscription Channels to your guests directly on your TV System? Add Premium TV Channels to your TV System and group them into custom channel packs for different type of customers or make certain channel packs chargeable.

Our TV Systems allow for setting up custom channel packs that can be requested for a charge on the TV, allowing you to up-sell subscription channels and increase your in-room revenue.

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