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Video on Demand

The latest on-demand movies for your guests

Video on Demand offers you amazing streaming services that give the hospitality sector an exclusive look at the newest movies straight out of the cinema to view now or pre-order. SCRIPTVOD also has the best, award-winning TV shows to offer on the Hotel TV, with great documentaries and dramas your guests will never get bored. It doesn’t stop there! There is no subscription at all, meaning that the hotel guests will just pay for what they want to watch!

Choose from over 100 brilliant titles…

Premium Movies

Library Movies

BBC Content

Current Movies

Classic Movies

Adult Content

Disney Movies

Video on Demand Packages

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Guest Entertainment

Give guests the option to pay to watch the movies as and when they wish to. Enjoy this Pay As You Go service where you pay a set, one-off administration fee and guests individually pay for the movies they wish to watch.

Estimated cost for guests:

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Guest Entertainment+

Guests can watch the movies they want for free or you can charge your guests to use the Video on Demand service. You can opt-in for a monthly subscription fee, unlocking all content on your Video on Demand platform.

Choose your movie pack:

Hollywood (base package)
+ Disney Package
+ TV Features
*Adult content can be added to the package and will be subject to a guest charge at £6.73

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Revenue Share

Let guests pay for their content and share revenue with the movie studios…

With this model, the movie content is paid by the guests and you profit on a revenue share basis.

In other words, sales of up to £1.50 per room per month go entirely to the movie studios. For any sales above £1.50, 20% goes to the hotel and the rest to the movie studios.

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