How to earn more from your hotel rooms?

How to earn more from your hotel rooms?

Traditionally, hotels were earning revenue mainly through room bookings, restaurant bookings & the mini bar, but this has been changing. More and more guests refrain from using the mini bar and charging for Wi-Fi is a thing of the past. So how do you encourage guests to spend more during their stay? Times are changing and you need to ensure that your hotel is up to scratch.

One of the most effective ways to up-sell or cross-sell products & services to your guests whilst staying at the hotel is by introducing an interactive TV system. This will give guests that welcoming feeling and provides you with plenty of opportunities to create a new stream of revenue.

What can you do ?

When a guest stays at your hotel, you naturally want to ensure that they have the best experience possible. One step towards this is introducing an interactive TV system to compliment the room.

With this system, there are many features that can enrich a guest’s visit. If a guest feels welcomed and comfortable, they are more likely to spend additional money.

Welcome your guests...

The first step you can take is adding a personalised welcome message for your hotel guests as they turn the TV on in their room.

Did you know that you can integrate your hotel’s Property Management System (PMS)with your Interactive TV system?

This means that, when you check a guest into a room, the TV will receive the check-in information, allowing you to welcome them by name or choose personalised content to suit the guest.

For example, if you check in a group of guests, like a sports team or corporate guests from the same company, you can assign a custom welcome screen and even message the group directly!
When you delve deeper into the system capabilities, there are many more ways you can interact with the guests through the TV.

Make purchases easy...

The most effective way to create an additional stream of revenue is through subtle sales
directly on the TV system.

You can add a range of products and services to sell on the TV system. For instance, a bottle of wine, Spa treatments & products, gift vouchers, table bookings or food items. Hotel staff will have no problem adding products to the system and update instantly!

Guests are more likely to make these purchases when they are at the comfort of their room… and with 1 simple click of a button, they can have it delivered to their room.

This is where you can really start generating revenue. In no time, you will have paid off the system and made a profit just from the TV system sales.

An example of this working is Champneys Forest Mere.

In 2016, Champneys reached out to Hotel TV Company with a worry that they may be lacking when it comes to the guest in-room experience, and the ability to increase sales of their spa products and services. This was a great opportunity to introduce them to our sophisticated cloud-based interactive system.

Hotel TV Company went and installed a range of 32”, 43” and 55” Samsung Commercial TVs all equipped with the cloud-based system. This gave Champneys the ability to sell their spa products through the TV as well as allowing staying guests to book some of their fantastic treatments and giving them an option for a late check-out. All of this has contributed an average of £1,000 per month to their turnover. Therefore, the system has paid for itself and they continue to make a great profit.

Send a message...

If you prefer a more subtle way of communicating with your guests, you send a personalised message to the guest TV that they can read at their own time.

Interactive TV systems allow you to send a personalised message to one or a group
of guests directly from the TV system portal. Or, if you have opted in for a PMS integration, you can send directly form your PMS (vendor dependent).

This fantastic feature gives you the opportunity to recommend hotel services, send birthday/
anniversary wishes, confirm a table, late checkout or a Spa treatment booking or simply
greet them to the hotel.

Take action...

When the guest comes to the end of their stay, wouldn’t you want to check how their stay has been? Don’t leave finding out a guest had an unpleasant experience through TripAdvisor or another review website.

You can introduce a rating system on your TV. What this will do is allow you to catch guests who have had an unpleasant stay before they have left the building. If a guest, for example, gives you a two-star rating, then when they go to checkout, the reception can attempt to make up for what they have lacked, maybe offering a discounted stay. In turn, this means that the guest may leave the hotel in a slightly better mood than anticipated, therefore not resorting to websites like TripAdvisor to voice their complaints, which could put people off staying in your hotel.

Promotional Revenue...

Aside from selling services through your TV, you can also make money by way of promoting local businesses. With TV systems being fully customisable, you can change pages to show whatever you want. If you put the word out to local businesses, they could pay you to promote their services on your TV system.

Whether this may be a local Taxi company or Theme park, there are different ways you can advertise these services on your TV system. You could have an advert on the welcome screen which will allow guests to click and see the advert in full, or you could send a message on check-out day for a taxi service, the possibilities are endless.

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