Aysgarth Park, Leisure Resorts

Aysgarth Park, Leisure Resorts

Aysgarth features a quiet, secluded setting in the Yorkshire Dales, located centrally within the National Park in Bishopdale. Their 233 TVs are situated across 79 lodges and 2 public areas. The Aysgarth Park is styled with luxurious wooden lodges to hire, each furnished to the highest standard with en-suite bathrooms, private hot tubs and stylish open plan living areas.

Hotel TV Company installed a range of Samsung TVs for these lodges, the bulk of which were 32” HGEE690 and 43” HGEE690 fitting perfectly in their spacious lodges. Furthermore, for some of their more premium lodges and reception areas we installed Samsung 55” HGEE690 and 65” HGEE890 TV’s. Hotel TV Company also installed one of our premium, cloud-based TV systems allowing the team at Aysgarth to:

  • send personalised welcome messages to each guest
  • update content seamlessly from anywhere in the world
  • keep their guests informed with unlimited information pages
  • promote their latest offers and facilities directly on the TV

and more…

We put our customer relationships at the forefront of our offering. Therefore, our support agreement is in place to give the team at Aysgarth Park all the help they may need. From updating content remotely to regular system checks, we make sure that everything is always running smoothly.

The Samsung 690 series TVs are the perfect fit for this client, these modern, sleek looking TVs fit in perfectly with the décor and the fully interactive system wonderfully enhances the guest experience

Daven Bodhani, Managing Director of MDV Enterprise Group

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