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For far too long people have been unnecessarily messing around with wires and cable connectors trying to view their laptop screens to the Conference Room TVs, or trying to figure out what rooms are available.  2018 brings a time for change. This is why we at the Hotel TV Company have devised a list of conference room technology to transform your meeting space.

1. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing capabilities are very limited in most conference rooms to say the least. With little to no technology in conference rooms, meetings often begin to feel dull and monotonous. Ordinarily, a presenter would plug a HDMI cable into their laptop and connect to a projector or TV Screen. All the fumbling around with wires makes the process fiddly and irritating. Do you not think it is time for a change?

Wireless screen sharing opens business guests up to a hassle free world where they can present from anywhere in the room, easily switching between other presenters with the click of a button and no need to be passing cable connectors around the room.

With Screen Sharing you can allow people to view the main TV through their own hand-held devices, such as a phone or tablet. This feature becomes extremely useful when in a large conference area where people seated at the back of the room cannot get a clear view of what is on the screen. They can simply take out their phone, and get the content on their own device.

With the latest Products and Technology on the market there are no restrictions to the devices that you can use for screen sharing. Apple, android, windows and other operating systems can all be shared to the same screen at the same time.

All of these features make Screen Sharing devices such as SCRIPTCAST Pro a must have for all conference rooms. Can you afford not to have it?

2. Digital Signage

When you think of digital signage, you often think about enormous screens in public areas with companies trying to sell their services. However, in reality there are countless other implications you may not have thought of. The one we will be talking about is how to effectively use Digital Signage in and around your conference rooms.

The assumption that digital signage needs to be large and expensive, is incorrect, especially when it comes to conference rooms. The most effective way of using digital signage for a conference room is to have a small screen on the outside of the room that allows passers-by to:

  • know that the room is occupied
  • book the meeting room for a specific time
  • check up on the upcoming meetings

This can be done by people going up to the screen and looking at the content. If they are a distance away they would be able to tell with the use of halo lighting around the signage screen to visually signify if the meeting room is available. This would be very effective if you have multiple conference rooms and you always have people coming up to reception asking if they are booked. It eliminates all the hassle.

Another possibility for the use of digital signage in the conference environment would be to put a screen inside the conference room that showcases the hotels amenities, and persuade the delegates to visit the hotel again. There have been many examples of this subtle advertising working with it being implemented across many large chain hotels in the UK.

3. Voice Command

Voice command is one of the newest, up and coming technologies in the hospitality Industry with it being implemented into some USA hotels but is yet to really breach into the UK market. With devices such as Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri, voice command is all around us and it’s only a matter of time until it is a common feature in our Hotels.

These sorts of devices can be very handy in the conference room. If, in your meeting, a few people come across a disagreement due to differing opinions, Alexa, for example, could help settle the debate by providing correct answers straight from the internet.

Or, during a meeting/ presentation, if someone likes to talk for a bit too long you can always set a timer using a device like Amazon Echo or the Google Home mini, it keeps everyone on track and will not let the meeting run over schedule. These devices are especially good for filling the time whilst you wait for the last person to turn up who will be there any minute. The Echo and Google Home Mini can tell you all the latest news headlines or even tell you a few (awful) jokes, if that is not your thing then you could always ask it to play you some music whilst you wait, the possibilities are almost endless.

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