Top 5 innovations in Hotel Technology

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Once upon a time Hotels were merely a place for people to rest their heads away from home. However, anybody who has spent time in the hospitality industry in recent years knows that the role of technology in the Hotel has expanded drastically.

Hotels are now becoming hubs of activity with the technology being at the forefront of nearly all the activities taking place, making IT one of the most important factors of a hotels operations.

The best Hotels always find ways to stay on top of the game, therefore the Hotel TV Company would like to share the top 5 Innovations in Hotel Technology

1. Hospitality Displays (Hotel Mode TVs)

The days of using domesticated TVs in your Hotel rooms are over. TV and display manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and Philips produce a new kind of TV called “Hospitality Display” which is designed for hoteliers and is suitable to any business accommodating guests.

The major difference with these spectacular Hospitality Displays is due to the research that has been conducted with hoteliers to get accurate representations of what the hotel room needs and the requirements for TV and IPTV solutions, also to eradicate any issues you may come across when using a domesticated TV in Hospitality accommodation.

These Hotel Mode TVs are an essential in the Hospitality Industry, they can provide welcome messages to new customers, splash pages showing the hotel logo as they turn the TV on, channel mapping and cloning setting, without any kind of IP-TV solution. What’s more? Smart Hospitality Displays include internal players which replaces the use of set top boxes, keeping costs down for the hotelier.


When in-room guests will only be allowed to see what you want them to, they will not have any access to the TVs Menus, this means that you will not have any issues with guests re-tuning TVs, turning the volume up too loud and disturbing other guests as well as much more:

  • Power-ON settings
  • Volume settings
  • Channel map settings
  • OSD and Home Menu settings
  • Third party IPTV and system integrator settings
  • Welcome Message settings
  • Hotel logo settings
  • Software/Hardware clock
  • Back-up battery for clock
  • Content sharing
  • Security mode

2. Mobile Applications

All hotels would ideally like to keep their guests connected one way or another, and with the rise in mobile usage, guest apps are the perfect space to host all of the functions required.

Smartphones have now overtaken laptops as UK internet users’ number one device as two thirds of people in the UK now own a Smartphone.

This shows why a combined 60% of hotel guests are “more likely” to choose a hotel that allows guests to check in and open doors with a smart phone than a hotel that doesn’t.

A hotel Mobile App offers many different functionalities, you can interact with hotel guests before and after their stay, book a table at your restaurant, read more about the services you offer as well as using the app to Check-in to the hotel, and even open the Hotel Room doors. If you want to send special offers to guests that have checked out. This can all be done on a mobile app. They really are the future of Hotel Technology

3. Innovative Wi-Fi Solutions

Today, having Wi-Fi available to your guests is an essential. All hotels should be offering free Wi-Fi with acceptable speeds sufficient for e-mail and surfing the web. In fact, 94% of people choose Wi-Fi as the most important feature in a hotel, yet only 64% of hotels offer it free to their customers. Therefore, high-speed Interneneeds to be on the top of your list when considering technological upgrades


There are Wi-Fi platforms available that makes internet access simple yet engaging for all guests. The cloud-based platform provides a real value-add, enabling hoteliers to engage with their guests, improving customer satisfaction and creating additional revenue.

  • Easy login
  • Brandable login portal
  • Option for auto connect
  • Injection Jets
  • Social Engagement
  • Integrations
  • Wi-Fi packages
  • Data Collection
  • Network Monitoring

And many more…

4. Interactive TV Systems

Today, most guests are not satisfied with arriving in a hotel room to find that they only have the standard channels available to them on the TVs, they are expecting a TV system that allows them to purchase amenities, late checkouts or order room service without having to pick up a phone.

Interactive TV systems are known to create an additional revenue stream to hotels due to it being so simple for the hotel to advertise and sell. The basic aim of these TV systems is to provide the hotel with a modern, user-friendly multimedia system that allows basic Television, Video on Demand (VoD), guest directory and essentially cut out printing costs for the hotelier.


Not every Hotel requires the same service, for this reason there are many different ranges of TV systems available on the market, they can offer

  • Welcome Screens
  • Information Pages
  • EPG
  • RSS feeds
  • Background Music
  • Widgets
  • Advertisements

All the way up to being able to actually purchase from the TV or pay for additional channels and view the bill on the room as well as allowing an express checkout

5. Voice Command

Voice command is one of the newest, up and coming technologies in the hospitality Industry with it being implemented into some USA hotels but is yet to really breach into the UK market.

With devices such as Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri, voice command is all around us and it’s only a matter of time until it is a common feature in our Hotels.

Within the hospitality industry there are many different implications for Voice control. For example, Alexa has paired up with the hotel booking website Kayak. To use the feature you simply allow the use of Kayak in the Alexa app and from there you can ask it to book hotel rooms using your existing Kayak account.

Hotels present a massive opportunity for the use of smart home features in their establishments. Guests would be able to walk into a hotel room and ask the voice command assistant to; turn the lights on, book a table for the on-site restaurant or maybe book a spa day. The possibilities are literally endless as the technology advances day-by-day.

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