3 reason to consider Digital Signage for your Hotel

digital signage screens and cloud CMS 3 reason to consider Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming more and more popular in the hospitality industry. From digital menu boards, information boards and stunning video walls, digital signage offers hoteliers with a great opportunity to revolutionise the way they communicate with their guests. Although digital signage can be seen as a significant investment for a lot of hotels, it allows hoteliers to interact with their guests, reduce costs and ultimately increase their revenue. This can, therefore, justify the initial cost of this initial investment in the name of long-term success.

1.    Inform & Interact

Digital Signage is a great, interactive way to inform your guests about everything, from check-out times and hotel facilities to special offers and spa treatments.  Furthermore, the signage is not all about selling products. You can use it as an information screen in your reception and public areas or even in conference rooms. Therefore, using it effectively can bring more to your business than you can comprehend.

Did you know that Digital Signage has a 47.7% effectiveness for brand awareness?

For instance, if you are looking to create a “wow” factor and be the cutting edge of technology, video walls in the lobby and reception area can truly capture guests’ attention. In fact, research shows that 37% of guests are more likely to visit a hotel with interactive technology in their lobby. This, combined with the increased use of technology by millennials and generation Z, outlines the importance of interactive screens for the hospitality sector.

However, digital signage does not always have to be big and dazzling. Digital screens near the front desk can be used to inform hotel guests about hotel facilities, nearby restaurants, and shops as well as transportation services. That, thus, keeps guests informed and encourages them to visit different parts of the hotel.

Furthermore, the small screen on the outside of conference rooms can be a great way to inform your business guests about:

  • Room occupancy
  • Time slots available for booking
  • Scheduled meetings

This can eliminate the need for hotel employees to print paper signs for room changes during conferences. Furthermore, it saves employees the time of printing and delivering the signs to their locations, while also eliminating printing costs for the hotel.

2.    Increase sales & staff efficiency

Updating content on your digital signage has never been easier. Cloud-based digital signage systems nowadays offer hoteliers the opportunity to fully customise their content and update in real time from any location in the world. Therefore, your hotel staff does not need to be up-to-date on local attractions, that information can be controlled centrally and shown to guests via your lobby digital signage. Furthermore, content can be created and scheduled to appear at certain times, allowing your team to relax and focus on helping your company grow.

But most importantly…

Digital signage is a great, visually stunning way to advertise your hotel services. And in this case, content is key to making your digital signage profitable. Whether you are advertising your 2-4-1 Afternoon Tea or Happy Hour at the bar, showing relevant content to your target audience at the correct time can generate significant revenue. In other words, you can up-sell and cross-sell products and services you want to promote on digital screens across different parts of the hotel. In fact, 80% of brands notice a significant increase in sales after adopting digital signage.

On the other hand, advertising space on your digital signage can also be sold to other local attractions and businesses, creating an additional revenue stream for your hotel.

3.    Reduce Marketing Costs

Although digital signage might seem like a significant cost, when used correctly, it can vastly reduce your hotel marketing spend. With a cloud-based signage system, you can control your content centrally and update in real time with relevant hotel offers. That way you interact with your guests without the costs of designing and printing marketing materials. Whether it is the spa/meetings schedule, local attractions or promotional flyers, design, and print of such marketing materials can cost precious time and money. With digital signage, you can fully customise, schedule and update in real time the content you want to show, helping your hotel staff to change content faster and less costly.

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