Essential TV Systems

The Essential TV Systems included in our Essential package are server-based platforms, compatible with a range of Samsung, Philips and LG hospitality TVs. Our Essential offering is ideal for welcoming guests with carefully tailored information content and guest interaction.
Our Essential Package offers a stylish, cost-effective solution, packed with a variety of essential features to offer the ultimate information TV System. Keep their guests up to date with the latest hotel offers, events and general information without having to invest into an expensive system. These systems are a more cost effective and efficient, as they can potentially eliminate costs involved with printed guest directories.

Why you should choose our Essential TV Systems?

Personalised Greeting

Make your guests feel at home with personalised welcome message on their hotel room TV.

Information Pages

Add customisable pages with information about the hotel, restaurant, Spa and more on the TV.

Widgets & RSS Feeds

Keep guests informed with date & time, weather,flight information widgets and scrolling RSS Feeds

Hotel PMS Integration

Integrate your PMS with the TV System to display guest name, message guests and show room bill!

Personal Guest Messaging

Send instant, personalised messages to your hotel guests with a click of a button.

Advertisement Pop-Ups

Promote your hotel's latest offers and events with engaging slides and pop-ups on the TV System.

Benefits & Applications

Why not add Screen Sharing ?

Guests can now benefit from the latest in-demand hotel feature – screen sharing. Our SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing Sets offers wide range of screen sharing devices and features to fit your hotel requirements. SCRIPTCAST Sets are discretely placed on the back of the TV and support Apple, Android and Windows devices.

SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing can be added to your TV system to allow guests to cast apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, or mirror their device to the TV by following 4 easy steps.

Choose from a range of features...

You can choose one of our three main packages or let us know which features you would like to have and our in-house design team can create a  bespoke TV system to fit your requirements.

Essential TV System

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Exclusive TV System

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Enterprise TV System

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