Mirror TVs

Functional art that completes the design of your room.

Combine style and entertainment in one, with the sleek look of our finely-crafted TV mirrors. When off, the television vanishes, leaving a perfect mirrored surface. Don’t settle for a traditional television that distracts from your carefully designed. 

All our range of TV mirrors offer a tempering / toughened option, perfect for safety conscious environments. This shatter resistant TV mirror is ideal for use in your hotel hallways, hotel bedrooms or bathrooms to enhance the beauty of your interior design. 

Why Choose Mirror TV?

Toughened Option

Available in different sizes

Safe & Secure


Shatter Resistent

Rich & Vibrant picture

Enhance Guest Experience

TVs that are Mirrors

The Mirror TVs comes in a range of options for you to choose that best matches your hotel aesthetics. It can be a just a mirror (frameless) for bathrooms or spa rooms or framed to enhance your hotels decor. Works as a stunning mirror when turned OFF, and as a TV when turned ON.

Why Frame Mirror TV?

A Mirror TV is simply the best way to hide your TV.  And when framed, it just enhances the look acting as a stunning decor piece in your hotel hallway or hotel bedroom.

When designing a room’s interior scheme, if the TV spoils the overall look and feel, a Framed Mirror TV is the perfect addition to blend it into the design. Now your television can be a stunning frame with a beautiful mirror instead of a black rectangle on your wall. Accordingly, what used to be an interior designers gasp is now a perfect design solution.

Get it customised however you want:

Choose your TV

Ultra Slim Design, Bright QLED 4k Display, Built-In Apps (Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, & More) , Wi-Fi & Internet Browsing, Connects to Bluetooth Speakers.

Choose Your Frame

Choose from modern, classic, and designer styles. Contact us with your ideas for one-of-a-kind designs. Click the frames below to choose from available options.

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