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TV System Add-Ons

Our TV Systems are compatible with a range of add-on features and services that can be seamlessly integrated with our TV platforms. Whether you opt in for one of our Screen Sharing Sets or indulge your guests with Pay TV and Video on Demand, the choice is yours.
Our SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing Sets are designed to fit every hotel and budget, helping your guests wirelessly stream Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and more apps directly on the TV with 3 easy steps. Choose between our simple, cost effective Starter Set to let guests stream over 1000+ cast-enabled apps or get remote monitoring and usage statistics with our Premium Set. And for the utmost indulgence, why not add screen mirroring with our Ultimate Set?

In addition, if screen sharing is not your desired service, there are many other ways you can improve your in-room entertainment offering. Our Video on Demand services offer your guests the latest Hollywood productions and movie classics in the comfort of their room. We have devised a Pay As You Go and a Monthly Subscription package to best suit your budget and requirements.

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Screen Sharing Sets

Allow guests to wirelessly stream Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video and more directly on the TV with our screen sharing sets…

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Video on Demand

Our Video-On-Demand service delivers the newest movies straight out of the cinema to view now or pre-order…

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Pay TV Channels

Get a Sky or BT Sport package for your guests. Up-sell channel packs with our exclusive & enterprise systems…

Allow guests to watch Netflix and more with SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing...

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Guests can now benefit from the latest in-demand hotel feature – screen sharing. Our SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing Sets offers wide range of screen sharing devices and features to fit your hotel requirements.

SCRIPTCAST Sets are discretely placed on the back of the TV and support Apple, Android and Windows devices.SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing can be added to your TV system to allow guests to cast apps such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify, or mirror their device to the TV by following 4 easy steps.

Indulge your guests with SCRIPTVOD Video on Demand…

Guests can now benefit from the latest Video on Demand services. Add a SCRIPTVOD package to your TV System and let guests access the latest films, Hollywood premiers and genre classics in the comfort of their room.

SCRIPTVOD Video on Demand is an interactive service, specially designed for use in hotels, serviced apartments and other hospitality venues. You can choose between a Pay As You Go and a Monthly Subscription packages to best fit your budget and requirements.

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Increase your revenue with Pay TV – Premium TV Channels…

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Why not promote Sky, BT Sport and other Subscription Channels to your guests directly on your TV System? Add Premium TV Channels to your TV System and group them into custom channel packs for different type of customers or make certain channel packs chargeable.

Our TV Systems allow for setting up custom channel packs that can be requested for a charge on the TV and released by the hotel, allowing you to up-sell subscription channels and increase your in-room revenue.