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SCRIPTCAST Standalone Interactive Set

Our Interactive Set is specially designed to offer a more seamless casting solution, buttons to the Bluetooth Music Player and TV Channels. The Interactive Set works independently and allows guests to cast over 1000+ cast-enabled apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and more, following 3 easy steps. It has an interactive instructions homepage comprised of an image, logo, screen sharing instructions and buttons to hotel information page, Bluetooth Music Player and TV channels. The Interactive Set supports both Apple and Android, it’s placed near the TV and comes with a dedicated remote control or dial.

This device is ideal for hotels looking to offer screen casting and Bluetooth Music to each room without the need of a TV System.

Why you should choose our SCRIPTCAST Interactive Set?

Cast 1000+ Apps

Cast a wide range of smart apps to the hotel room TV

Customisabe Homepage

Add a simple page with how-to-use instructions

Apple & Android

Allow guests to use Apple, Android and Chrome OS devices to cast

Works Independently

Set the TV to start on the Screen Sharing page

No App Required

Guest do not need to download any smart apps on their device to cast

Bluetooth Music Player

Allow guests to connect to the TV via Bluetooth easily

Easy to Connect

Connect to the device with 3 easy steps shown on the TV System

Safe Connection

Guest can only connect and cast content to their own room device

Security Brackets

Security brackets can hide the casting device behind the TV

Choose from a range of Smart Apps to Cast...

TV show playing on four different devices

Netflix for hotels

Netflix has become one of the most wanted services by guests worldwide and more and more hotels are looking for ways to offer Netflix without breaching any data protection laws and keep their guests safe.

Screen Sharing is the ideal solution. Allow guests to enjoy Netflix on their TV during their stay without any concerns, with our SCRIPTCAST Screen Sharing Sets.

Why not upgrade to Premium Set ?

Our Premium Set not only offers all standard screen sharing features, allowing for easy casting of over 1000+ apps, but also allows hotels to monitor the screen sharing devices, gain insight into usage statistics and quickly correct any issues as they arise.

The Premium Set is truly a more advanced solution, with smoother connection process and monitoring capabilities, it is the ideal choice for hotels that want to take control over their screen sharing services.

A man using an Apple laptop to mirror content to a TV

Find the best SCRIPTCAST Standalone Set for you…

Man demonstrating casting from mobile phone to TV

Non-Interactive Set

Simple, cost effective casting solution with non-interactive homepage (slideshow).

Works Independently (standalone)

Apple & Android Support

No Mobile App Required

Guest Data Security

Custom Homepage with Instructions

Casting Media & Apps

Woman casting game of thrones from her phone to the TV

Interactive Set

Advanced screen casting solution with ‘Watch TV’ and ‘Bluetooth Music’ button.

Works Independently (standalone)

Apple & Android Support

No Mobile App Required

Guest Data Security

Custom Homepage with Instructions

Casting Media & Apps

Woman showing screen mirroring from Apple laptop to a TV

Premium Set

Advanced casting solution with monitoring capabilities

Works Independently (standalone)

TV System Installation

Apple & Android Support

No Mobile App Required

Guest Data Security

Custom Homepage with Instructions

Casting Media & Apps

Monitoring & Analytics

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