SCRIPTCAST Pro Enterprise

Key Features:

  • Dual Wi-Fi – 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Supports Android, Apple and Windows
  • Ideal for large meeting rooms & conference rooms
  • Powerful Split Screen Display Functionality
  • Ethernet port for hard wired Internet
  • HDMI & VGA output connectors for dual display


Product Overview

ScriptCast Pro Enterprise brings the most advanced wireless display features for use in large meeting rooms, classrooms, and lecture theatres. It offers wireless screen sharing and are compatible with all mobile devices.

The device has CVBS, HDMI and VGA ports and is normally located on a table with hard wired Ethernet connection. ScriptCast Pro Enterprise is ideal for groups of over 10 attendees who may connect by 2.4GHz 802.11n, or 5GHz 802.11ac for best performance. The full feature set is available with this product.

Technical Spec

CPU RISC CPU based on MIPS 24K core structure
Output Resolution 1080p
Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz: 802.11n; 5Ghz: 802.11ac
Antenna >5dbm
Ethernet RJ-45 10M/100M
Output I/F HDMI; VGA 3.5mm audio jack
Power MPEG1/2/4/H.264, 1080p@30p max
Other I/O USB 2.0 Host; Serial Port for Projector Control
Key Power switch & Reset button
Working Temp 0~50°C


Allow guests to stream full format multimedia, documents and files from smart devices’ storage to the big screen. Maximise potential and productivity in meetings with a new set of conference features and tools provided by ScriptCast Pro SMB. Improve efficiency and communication by allowing colleagues to share content to the screen simultaneously and with ease.

ScriptCast Pro has a range of exclusive features making it ideal for both conference and in-room use.

Split Screen Display

Up to 4 different devices can be viewed simultaneously

Air View

Delegates can see the main screen on their own devices

Conference Control

The host can determine who presents on the main screen

Cloud Storage

Access files stored on Mocrosoft OneDrive or Dropbox


Connect SCRIPTCAST Pro devices by using Miracode

Regular Updates

Firmware updates via cloud server to improve capability

Air Disk

Delegates can plug in a USB drive to the SCRIPTCAST device

Remote Desktop

Use a USB mouse to control the display when presenting



SCRIPTCAST Pro Enterprise Product Leaflet
SCRIPTCAST Pro Enterprise User Manual
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