Hotel TV Company at Independent Hotel Show 19

15th – 16th October 2019, stand A15 in Olympia, London

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Independent Hotel Show 19!  Don’t forget to come by and speak to our team to find out more about our latest hotel technology & solutions. 

What can you see on our stand?

This year we have introduced a range of new products and features to further enhance your guests’ experience and help your hospitality business generate more sales. 

Try our TV Systems…

Generate additional revenue by selling directly on the TV

Our latest TV Systems come with improved design, functionality and come with a number of new features & capabilities to help you welcome your guests and increase hotel revenue…

Introducing Sky Select…

Get 90+ Sky Channels with one Sky Bright Box

Sky Select is powered by the Sky Bright Box, a purpose-built small box to power an entire hotel and deliver up to 96 premium satellite channels, including your favourite Sky channels in HD…

Cast Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify & more…

Allow guests to cast or mirror their devices wirelessly

Our SCRIPTCAST solutions offer a wide range of features, enabling guests to use their Apple, Android or Windows devices to share content. Come by our stand 512 to see our screen sharing sets in action!

Internet & Wi-Fi Solutions…

Ensure each room has strong internet connection

Do you need better internet connection to each room but you don’t want to re-cable? We can offer stable internet connection to your rooms using your existing coax cabling! Come to our stand and find out more about our EOC solution…

Digital Signage Systems

Keep guests informed and up-sell hotel services on stunning signage screens

Digital signage is one of the most attractive and efficient methods of enticing customers and advertising your products and services.

It’s a great opportunity to engage with guests and increase sales! So why not come by stand 512 and check out the latest signage systems?

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