22" Hand Sanitiser Android Advertising Display

Are you looking to help your guests and make them feel safe?

With the latest 22″ Hand Sanitiser Displays you can gain all the dynamic messaging benefits of digital signage. At the same time you are also providing people with a quick and easy way to sanitise their hands.

Contactless usage
Automatic dispensing
Easy Sanitiser Refill
Sanitiser Level Indicator
24/7 Commercial Grade
Lightweight Design
Online CMS Updates
Optional Floor Stand
Removable Tray
Built-in Android Media Player

Hand Sanitiser Android Advertising Display

In areas where hygiene is key, and hand washing facilities are not available, these displays are ideal. In fact, they combine a hand sanitising station with a versatile Digital Signage solution.

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Commercial Grade Warranty

The Hand Sanitiser Display, along with a range of other signage products, come with a commercial 3 year warranty. Furthermore, we work with engineers across the UK & Ireland to ensure we have support available on your doorstep.

Why you should choose a hand sanitiser display...

The Hand Sanitiser Display is specially designed to ensure your content is beautifully displayed whilst keeping visitors safe…

Fully Automated Dispensing

Simply place your hand under the dispenser and a measured dose of sanitiser will be dispensed. Accordingly, the dispense valve is non-spray, non-clog and non-drip.

Safe Tank Capacity

The built-in hand sanitiser dispenser has a safe tank capacity minimising the risk of evaporation.

Safe Maintenance

Re-fill the sanitiser tank through the front access door and use the rear panel for maintenance on the internal components. What's more, this ensures that no electronics are exposed when the tank is being re-filled.

Cloud Management System

Using our digital signage software, you can combine multimedia files to display your desired content to the screen instantly. For instance, from images, videos, webpages and social media feeds to scrolling text and RSS feeds, the choice is yours.

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