Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the many questions that our customers ask us. However if you would like to find out more information please feel free to contact us.

Can i purchase just TV’s without a system?

Yes, we offer aggressively priced hospitality TV’s along with delivery and installation if needed. Our buying power allows us to pass on good savings.

I am on a low budget, would i be able to have a system to make my hotel look prestige?

Regardless of your budget we have a solution which will make your hotel look prestige. With high quality images and text our design team can create a system which will match the status of the hotel.

I have CAT5 cabling in the rooms, will your systems still work?

Our system will work with either CAT5 or coax cabling, so there is no need to worry about your existing cabling.

What brand of TV’s would you recommend?

We understand that all hotels are different so requirements would change, however if we would have to recommend a brand to your hotel we would opt for Samsung as their hospitality solutions are future proof. This means that if you decide to install our essential package now and were to change your your mind in coming years, there is a lot of scope to offer you more features using the existing TV’s.

Do you offer foreign language channels?

We offer a large range of foreign language channels over CAT5 or coax and we can customise the channel ordering.

How do i go about choosing the right size TV?

We recommend that the distance from the headboard and TV determines the screen size. If you are to measure that distance in inches, and divide this by 3, this will give you the minimum size. However if you are to divide the distance by 2, this will give you the maximum size. For example: the distance is 120 inches, so the minimum size is 40″ and maximum size is 60″.

I have lost a remote for a room, can this be replaced?

We are able to source replacement remotes at a very small cost, so this is nothing to worry about. Please contact us, and we can have these sent out to your hotel within 3 working days.

I really like the system you have to offer but i do not have the time to update in the future.

No problem, our design team can help with this. We are happy to offer a service to maintain your hotel TV system, whether this be twice a year, or once a month. We can update content remotely once you have provided sign off.