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5 Digital Hotel Solutions to get you back on track post COVID-19

COVID-19 Digital Hotel Solutions

We are here to assist you in the journey to recovery with a range of COVID-19 digital hotel solutions. Through our 10 years of experience with hotel technology we have worked hard on understanding what our customers need and developing solutions that will assist in their growth. 

Digitalise your Guest Directory...
with an Essential TV System

Put the paper aside and turn your guest directory into an interactive digital menu on the room TV! TV Systems are the perfect solution for minimising guest interaction with hotel materials & surfaces.

Essential TV Systems are ideal for hotels that are looking to keep their guests up to date! For instance, you can show the latest hotel offers, events and information without having to invest into an expensive system. What’s more, these systems can remove costs of printed guest directories and reduce guests’ contact with hotel materials & surfaces.

Offer Contactless Room Service...
with an Exclusive or Enterprise TV Systems

Keep the same level of hospitality and ensure guests feel safe with contactless check-out, in-room ordering and guest messaging.

Interactive TV Systems offer a more advanced guest directory with options for guest messaging, custom channel groups and much more. In fact,  you can allow guests to request housekeeping or order room service directly from the TV. Additionally, you can integrate your PMS to allow guests to check their room bill!

Protect your guests...
with anti-bacterial remote controls

These remote controls have a clean, anti-bacterial surface and can be easily wiped with alcohol, thus, eliminating any contamination. Furthermore, they are compatible with a range of different TV brands and cannot be re-programmed by a guest.

And if you don’t want to replace all of your remote controls, you can opt in for a sanitary remote control cover. The cover slips over your current remote control and can easily be washed and replaced after every guest stay.

Show real time information...
with stunning digital signage screens

Digital signage is the perfect way to show information to your guests instantly! For instance, you can advertise your services, display health & safety procedures or simply show guests the way around the building.

What’s more, signage screens can replace any printed posters, notice boards, menu boards and other paper-based advertising. In fact, they let you to show your content in a more interactive way whilst minimising contact with the screen.

Hand Sanitiser Android Display

In areas where hygiene is key, and hand washing facilities are not available, these displays are
ideal. With the latest 22″ Hand Sanitiser Android Advertising Displays you can get all the dynamic messaging benefits of digital signage. Moreover, you are also providing people with away to sanitise their hands.

Facial Recognition Display...

These facial recognition thermometer displays have an automated contactless temperature checking and a mask detection system. In other words, this will help you ensure your guests are following the health & safety guidelines and are not putting anyone else at risk.

Outdoor Digital Battery A-Boards

The Outdoor Digital Android Battery A-Board can be easily moved by one person into any location. Therefore, you can show frequently-changing government advice and guidelines or any other content you wish to display. Its portable, weather proof and very easy to update.

Introduce a hotel app...
to minimise contact between guests and staff

Reduce face-to-face contact between guests and staff and keep guests informed with your own hotel app. A hotel app is another great way to digitalise your guest directory. Let guests interact with your content whilst keeping your printed materials to a minimum!

Your hotel app can be used for:

…and so much more

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