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Hospitality Accessories

We offer a wide variety of room accessories for your healthcare business to provide you with all the tools needed to enhance patient experience. Furthermore, our products range from brackets, replacement remotes and media hubs to alarm clocks, USB chargers and more.

TV Brackets

TV Brackets provide a secure, clutter free means of providing the optimum position for guest TV viewing.

Remote Control

If your guests have lost the TV remote controls or you need replacement remotes for your hotel, then we can assist.

Media Hubs

Walls installed with media hubs allow easy, clutter free access to plug in devices.

Alarm Clocks

Whether it be a radio alarm clock, or an iPhone Bluetooth speaker dock, we can offer a range of docks to suit your needs.


Projectors are compatible with different resolutions, converting different input resolution to the native output resolution.

Voice Control

Allow guests to walk into a hotel room and ask the voice command assistant to; turn the lights on, book a table for the on-site restaurant or maybe book a spa day.